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China National Aviation Corporation - CNAC

name: China National Aviation Corporation - CNAC
country: China
Founded: 1929
Ended operations: 2004
merged into Air China


China National Aviation Corporation - CNAC- Accident & incidents:

72 occurrences in the ASN safety database

date type registration operator fat. location   pic cat
30-JAN-1949unknown   CNAC 0 Tainan   H2
21-DEC-1948Douglas C-54B (DC-4) XT-104 CNAC 35 Basalt Island   A1
12-DEC-1948Douglas DC-3   CNAC 2 Taipei   A1
20-JAN-1948Curtiss C-46   CNAC 11 Mukden Airport (...   A1
27-OCT-1947Douglas DC-3   CNAC 2 near Yulin   C1
25-APR-1947unknown ..-141 CNAC 0+ 3 Shanghei-Lungwha...   A1
28-JAN-1947Curtiss C-46   CNAC 25 near Hankou   A1
25-JAN-1947Douglas DC-3 138 CNAC 19 near Chongqing   A1
05-JAN-1947Curtiss C-46 XT-T51/121 CNAC 43 near Qingdao   A1
25-DEC-1946Curtiss C-46 115 CNAC 31 Shanghai-Longhua...   A1
25-DEC-1946Douglas C-47 (DC-3) 140 CNAC 19 Shanghai-Jiangwa...   A1
16-DEC-1946Douglas DC-3   CNAC 5 Shanghai-Longhua...   A1
20-SEP-1946unknown   CNAC 31 near Xichang, Sichuan...   A1
30-NOV-1945Douglas C-47A (DC-3) 96 CNAC unknown   A1
20-OCT-1945Douglas DC-3C 104 CNAC 13+ 7 near Suichang   A1
15-JUN-1945Douglas C-47A (DC-3) 81 CNAC 3   A1
??-MAY-1945Douglas C-53-DO (DC-3) XT-T55 CNAC unknown   U1
09-MAY-1945Douglas C-47A (DC-3) 94 CNAC 2 near Putao   A1
09-APR-1945Douglas C-47A (DC-3) 88 CNAC 3 near Kiaokie   A1
16-FEB-1945Douglas C-47B (DC-3) 105 CNAC 0 Hukawng Valley   A1
16-JAN-1945Douglas C-47A (DC-3) 93 CNAC 3 near Kunming   A1
14-JAN-1945Douglas C-47 (DC-3) 70 CNAC 4 near Kambaiti   A1
07-JAN-1945Douglas C-47B (DC-3) 102 CNAC 3 Tali   A1
06-JAN-1945Douglas C-47A (DC-3) 77 CNAC 4 near Ziadum   A1
06-JAN-1945Douglas C-47A (DC-3) 74 CNAC 3 Patkai Mountains   A1
30-NOV-1944Douglas C-53 (DC-3) 56 CNAC 3 Digboi Mountain   A1
24-NOV-1944Douglas C-47B (DC-3) 106 CNAC 0 near Kunming   A1
16-NOV-1944Douglas DC-3C 98 CNAC Yunnanyi Airport   A1
04-NOV-1944Douglas C-47A (DC-3) 80 CNAC 0 near Dinjan   A1
07-OCT-1944Douglas C-47B (DC-3) 101 CNAC 3 near Sadiya   A1
31-AUG-1944Douglas C-47A (DC-3) 97 CNAC 2 near Shimbuwang   A1
01-AUG-1944Douglas C-47 (DC-3) 73 CNAC 3 Baldy Mountain   A1
18-JUN-1944Douglas C-47 (DC-3) 71 CNAC 1 near Kweilin   A1
08-JUN-1944Douglas C-47A (DC-3) 85 CNAC 6 near Dinjan Airport   A1
26-MAY-1944Douglas C-47A (DC-3) 82 CNAC 12 southern Tibet   A1
18-MAY-1944Douglas C-47A (DC-3) 92 CNAC 0 Dinjan   A2
15-MAY-1944Douglas C-47A (DC-3) 90 CNAC 3 Patkai Range   A1
24-MAR-1944Douglas C-53 (DC-3) 51 CNAC 0 near Chengdu   A1
07-MAR-1944Douglas C-47A (DC-3) 91 CNAC 4 Camagüey Air Ba...   A1
20-FEB-1944Douglas C-47A (DC-3) 75 CNAC 2 near Paoshan   A1
17-FEB-1944Douglas C-53 (DC-3) 57 CNAC 0 Dinjan Airport   A1
18-DEC-1943Douglas C-47A (DC-3) 83 CNAC 3 near Suifu   A1
19-NOV-1943Douglas C-47 (DC-3) 63 CNAC 3 near Kunming   A1
19-NOV-1943Douglas C-53 (DC-3) 59 CNAC 2 Kunming   A1
27-OCT-1943Douglas C-47A (DC-3) 78 CNAC Dinjan Airport   A1
23-OCT-1943Douglas C-47 (DC-3) 61 CNAC 0 near Kunming Airfield...   A2
16-OCT-1943Douglas C-47A (DC-3) 84 CNAC 0 near Kunming-Wujiaba ...   A1
13-OCT-1943Douglas C-47 (DC-3) 72 CNAC 3 near Myitkyina   C1
06-OCT-1943Douglas C-47 (DC-3) 69 CNAC 0 Kunming Airport ...   A1
11-AUG-1943Douglas C-53 (DC-3) 48 CNAC 3 Fort Hertz valley   A1
07-APR-1943Douglas C-53-DO (DC-3) 58 CNAC 1 near Minzong A1
13-MAR-1943Douglas C-53 (DC-3) 49 CNAC 3 Patkai Range   A1
11-MAR-1943Douglas C-53-DO (DC-3) 53 CNAC 3 near Luishui   A1
13-FEB-1943Douglas DC-3-294A 46 CNAC near Chungking   A1
17-NOV-1942Douglas C-47 (DC-3) 60 CNAC 3 near Dali, Yunnan Pro...   A1
10-OCT-1942Douglas C-53 (DC-3) 52 CNAC Dinjan Airport   A1
14-MAR-1942Douglas DC-2-221 31 CNAC 13 near Kunming Airport ...   A1
08-DEC-1941Curtiss AT-32D Condor II   CNAC 0 Hong Kong-Kai Ta...   C1
08-DEC-1941Curtiss AT-32D Condor II   CNAC 0 Hong Kong-Kai Ta...   C1
08-DEC-1941Douglas DC-2-118B 26 CNAC 0 Hong Kong-Kai Ta...   C1
08-DEC-1941Curtiss AT-32A Condor II   CNAC 0 Hong Kong-Kai Ta...   C1
08-DEC-1941Douglas DC-2-118B 24 CNAC 0 Hong Kong-Kai Ta...   C1
08-DEC-1941Curtiss AT-32A Condor II   CNAC 0 Hong Kong-Kai Ta...   C1
12-FEB-1941Douglas DC-2-192 40 CNAC 3 Taohsien, Hunan   A1
20-JAN-1941Ford 5-AT-D Tri-Motor 23 CNAC 5 within Jiangxi Province   A1
29-OCT-1940Douglas DC-2-221 39 CNAC 9 near Changyi   C1
24-AUG-1938Douglas DC-2-221 32 CNAC 14 Wangmoon   C2
08-AUG-1937Sikorsky S-43W NC16930 CNAC 3 Chilang Point, B...   A1
28-DEC-1936Douglas DC-2-118B 24 CNAC near Nanking Airport ...   A2
25-DEC-1936Douglas DC-2-118A 28 CNAC Chengtu   A1
31-MAR-1936Ford 5-AT-D Tri-Motor 25 CNAC 0 Nanking Airport ...   A1
05-MAR-1936Ford 5-AT-D Tri-Motor 27 CNAC 0 near Zigong   A1

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