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Douglas DC-3 specs
Country: United States of America
ICAO Type designator:DC3
First flight:17 December 1935
Production ended: 1946
Production total:ca 13.000
Series: AC-47A: C-47D modified for airways checking
AC-47B: C-47B gunship variant
AC-47D: Gunship aircraft with three side-firing .30 in (7.62 mm) Minigun machine guns
C-117B: High-altitude version with superchargers removed
C-117D: USN/USMC R4D-8 re-designated
C-47: Initial military version of the DC-3A
C-47A: C-47 with a 24-volt electrical system,
C-47B: C-47 powered by R-1830-90 engines with superchargers and extra fuel capacity
C-47C: Equipped with floats
C-47D: C-47B with superchargers removed after the war
C-47E: Modified cargo variant
C-47H: R4D-5; re-designated C-47H in 1962
C-47J: R4D-6; re-designated C-47J in 1962
C-47M: Modified for high altitude work
C-48: DC-3As impressed by USAAF during WW2
C-48A: DC-3As with 18-seat interiors impressed by USAAF during WW2
C-48B: United Air Lines DST-As impressed by USAAF during WW2
C-48C: DC-3As with 21-seat interiors impressed by USAAF during WW2
C-49: Various DC-3 and DST models impressed by USAAF during WW2
C-50: Various DC-3 models impressed by USAAF during WW2
C-51: DC-3 with starboard-side door impressed by USAAF during WW2
C-52: DC-3A aircraft with R-1830 engines impressed by USAAF during WW2
C-53: Troop transport version of the C-47.
C-53B: Winterised version of C-53 with extra fuel capacity and separate navigator's station
C-53C: C-53 with larger port-side door
C-53D: C-53C with 24V DC electrical system
CC-129: Canadian Forces designation for the C-47
Dakota I: RAF designation for the C-47
Dakota II: RAF designation for impressed DC-3s
Dakota III: RAF designation for the C-47A
Dakota IV: RAF designation for the C-47B
DC-3: Derived from DST with 21 day passenger seats
DC-3 Hiper: Conversion with P&W R-2000 engines
DC-3A: DC-3 with two 1,200 hp R-1830-21 radial piston engines
DC-3B: DC-3 with two Wright R-1820 Cyclone engines for TWA
DC-3C: Ex-military C-47, C-53 and R4D aircraft rebuilt by Douglas Aircraft
DC-3D: Civil version of military C-117D
DC-3DST: Douglas Sleeper Transport, the initial DC-3 family variant
DC-3F: [specifics unclear]
DC-3R: [specifics unclear]
DC-3S: Redesigned DC-3 with fuselage stretched by one frame, new shape outer wings, tall squared tail
EC-47A: Electronics calibration aircraft
EC-47D: C-47D with equipment for the Airborne Early Warning role;
EC-47N: C-47A and D aircraft modified for ELINT/ARDF mission
EC-47P: C-47A and D aircraft modified for ELINT/ARDF mission
EC-47Q: C-47A and D aircraft modified for ELINT/ARDF mission; digital equipment
HC-47A: SC-47A; re-designated HC-47A in 1962
JC-47A: C-47 used temporarily for testing
LC-117D: USN/USMC R4D-8L re-designated.
LC-47A: C-47A for use in Antarctica by Argetina
LC-47H: R4D-5 for use in Antarctica; re-designated LC-47H
LC-47J: R4D-6 variant; ; re-designated LC-47J
R4D-1: USN/USMC version of the C-47
R4D-2: Two Eastern Air Lines DC-3s impressed into USN service as VIP transports,
R4D-3: Twenty C-53Cs transferred to USN
R4D-4: Ten impressed DC-3s for the US Navy.
R4D-5: C-47A variant with 24-volt electrical system replacing
R4D-5S: R4D-5 for use as a special ASW trainer
R4D-5Z: R4D-5 for use as a VIP transport
R4D-6: C-47Bs transferred to USN
R4D-6L: R4D-6 equipped as R4D-5L
R4D-7: TC-47Bs transferred from USAF for use as a navigational trainer
R4D-8: R4D-5 and R4D-6 aircraft fitted with modified wings and re-designed tail surfaces
R4D-8L: R4D-8 converted for Antarctic use
RC-47D: C-47D equipped for photographic reconnaissance and ELINT missions.
RC-47P: C-47D equipped for electronic reconnaissance
SC-47A: C-47A equipped for Search Air Rescue
SC-47D: C-47D equipped for Search Air Rescue
TC-47A: C-47A designation for Air Transport Command
TC-47B: C-47B modified for training with 3 astrodomes
TC-47D: TC-47B with superchargers removed
TC-47K: navigational trainer (formerly designated R4D-7)
TS-62: C-47 fitted with Russian built ASh-62IR engines
VC-117A: Modification of C-117A
VC-47A: C-47A equipped for VIP transport role
VC-47B: C-47B equipped for VIP transport role
VC-47D: C-47D equipped for VIP transport role
VC-47J: R4D-6Z; re-designated VC-47J in 1962
XC-47C: Equipped with floats
Propulsion:2 piston engines
Maximum number of passengers:34
Maximum take-off mass:12701 kg
ICAO Mass group:3

Douglas DC-3 photo

Douglas DC-3 file photo (photo: Aviation Safety Network archives)

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