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ERCO Ercoupe
    ERCO Ercoupe
 First flight: 1937
 1 Piston engine
520 occurrences in the ASN safety database; showing occurrence 1 - 100

acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg    
20-DEC-1943 ERCO Ercoupe 415-C NC28923 Vernon F Barnhizer 0 Near Ford-Lansing Airport, Lansing, IL w/o
02-FEB-1947 ERCO Ercoupe 415-C NC…. Sierra Flying Service 0 Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA w/o
11-MAR-1947 ERCO Ercoupe 415-C NC…. Private 2 Near Tulare, CA w/o
22-JUL-1947 ERCO Ercoupe 415-CD NC3883H Private 1 Near Wertzville, PA w/o
05-AUG-1947 ERCO Ercoupe 415-C NC93601 Private 2 Big Bear Lake, CA w/o
17-AUG-1947 ERCO Ercoupe 415-CD NC3636H Al Camilli Flying Service 1 Near Table Bluff lighthouse, Eureka, CA w/o
27-DEC-1947 ERCO 415-C Ercoupe NC….. Private 1 South fork of the Toutle River 10 miles NE of Kelso, WA w/o
11-JAN-1948 ERCO 415-CD Ercoupe NC3384H Private 3 China Bluff grade, near Bakersfield, California w/o
18-JAN-1948 ERCO 415-C Ercoupe NC2053H Private 1 Near Napa, California w/o
05-MAY-1948 Ercoupe 415-C NC93625 David Hertz 1 Pacific Ocean near Malibu mis
13-JUN-1948 ERCO 415-C Ercoupe NC99799 Private 2 Otsego Lake, NY w/o
20-JUN-1948 ERCO 415 Aircoupe NC…. Private 2 Blythe, CA w/o
27-JUN-1948 ERCO 415-C Ercoupe NC93844 Wheeling Motors Co 1 Gravesend Bay, Brooklyn, NY w/o
10-AUG-1948 ERCO 415-CD Ercoupe OO-EXD Intair 1 Grimbergen, Flemish Brabant w/o
28-AUG-1948 ERCO 415-C Ercoupe NC3351H Private 2 Near Mahopac Airport, NY w/o
23-APR-1949 ERCO 415-G Ercoupe C-FGLZ G W House 0 Near Concord, PA sub
17-JUL-1949 ERCO Ercoupe 415-CD NC3997H Private 1 Lake Michigan off Wilmette Beach, IL w/o
05-SEP-1949 ERCO Aircoupe 415-CD NC….. Private 2+2 Near Clifton, AZ w/o
02-JAN-1950 ERCO Ercoupe 415-C NC93980 Private 2 Near Municipal Airport, Lubbock, TX w/o
18-FEB-1950 Ercoupe 415-C N80371 Private 0 Near San Diego, CA w/o
24-AUG-1950 ERCO 415-CD Ercoupe OO-CEE private Usumbura w/o
05-NOV-1950 Ercoupe 415-C NC….. San Antonio Aviation 2 near Sabinas, COA w/o
04-DEC-1950 ERCO Ercoupe 415-C N2269H Clover Leaf Aviation 0 Near Camp Del Mar, Oceanside, CA w/o
18-MAR-1951 Ercoupe 415-C N2691H private 2+2 near Selma Airport, NC w/o
15-APR-1951 Erco 415CD Ercoupe ZK-AQX Auckland Aero Club Mangere Aerodrome, Auckland sub
28-APR-1951 Ercoupe 415C LV-NDU private 2+2 Lomas de Zamora, BA w/o
28-APR-1951 Ercoupe 415CD LV-RLF private 2+2 Lomas de Zamora, BA w/o
14-JUN-1951 ERCO 415-CD Ercoupe OO-EXO private near Meer, Antwerp w/o
07-APR-1952 ERCO Ercoupe 415C N99926 Private 2 Near Grand Lake Island, OK w/o
26-APR-1952 ERCO Ercoupe 415 N…. Liddell Aviation Service 2 Near Mountain Carlie Ranch, Los Gatos, CA w/o
06-JUL-1952 ERCO Ercoupe 415-C N93377 Private 3 Near Chico, CA w/o
10-AUG-1952 ERCO Ercoupe 415-C N3605H Hawaiian School of Aeronautics 1 Pacific Ocean off Laau Point, Molokai, HI w/o
23-SEP-1952 ERCO Ercoupe 415C N….. Private 3 Pacific Ocean off Manhattan Beach, CA w/o
02-NOV-1952 ERCO Ercoupe 415C N….. Airways Inc 2 Near Lindbergh Field, San Diego, CA w/o
04-FEB-1953 ERCO Ercoupe 415-C N2369H Private 1 Near Merced, CA w/o
24-JUL-1953 ERCO Ercoupe 415-CD N3534H Private 0 Van Owen St and Hayvenhurst Ave, Van Nuys, CA w/o
24-FEB-1954 ERCO Ercoupe 415-C N94025 Private 0 Near Fort Bragg, CA sub
18-APR-1954 ERCO Ercoupe 415-C N2813H Cloverleaf Aviation 0 Mint Canyon, Santa Clarita, CA w/o
31-JUL-1954 ERCO Ercoupe 415-CD N3316H Private 2 Near Ridgecrest, CA w/o
30-JAN-1955 ERCO Ercoupe 415-CD N3448H Private 1 Reliez Valley near Lafayette, CA w/o
20-FEB-1955 ERCO Ercoupe 415-C N94393 Private 1 Near Solemint Junction, Santa Clarita, CA w/o
01-JUL-1955 ERCO Ercoupe 415 N….. Private 1 Near Zenia, CA w/o
12-JAN-1956 ERCO 415-C Ercoupe N94061 Private 1 near Los Angeles International Airport, California w/o
22-APR-1956 Ercoupe 415C N.... private 2 N of Valparaiso, IN w/o
20-SEP-1956 ERCO 415C Ercoupe N2075H Private 1 Chesapeake Bay, MD w/o
11-MAR-1957 ERCO Ercoupe 415-C N….. Private 1 Brawley, CA w/o
22-SEP-1957 Ercoupe 415-C N94083 D B Salvano 3 Surtevant, WI w/o
16-FEB-1958 ERCO Ercoupe 415 N….. Dennis Air Service 0 26 miles W of Red Bluff, CA w/o
09-AUG-1958 ERCO 415-C Ercoupe N87130 Private 2 Near Armstrong Creek, WI w/o
16-AUG-1958 ERCO Ercoupe 415-C N87371 Private 2 Near Woodruff, UT w/o
31-AUG-1958 ERCO 415C Ercoupe N.... private 2 9 mi E of Brooksville, FL w/o
02-SEP-1958 ERCO Ercoupe 415-C N3186H Private 0 Mount Konocti, CA w/o
15-SEP-1958 ERCO Ercoupe 415-C N93679 private 2 near Minford, OH w/o
09-NOV-1958 ERCO 415-C Ercoupe N87178 private 2 Lucas Valley near Nicasio, CA w/o
14-NOV-1958 ERCO Ercoupe 415-C N….. Private 2 Old Smokey Mountain near Camp Pendleton, CA w/o
21-MAR-1959 ERCO Ercoupe 415-C N87347 Private 1 Near Pine Valley, CA w/o
18-MAY-1959 ERCO 415-CD Ercoupe PH-HJP Private 0 Hilversum Airfield, Noord-Holland w/o
03-JUL-1959 ERCO Ercoupe 415-C N99054 Private 1 Sykes Creek near Merritt Island, FL w/o
16-JUL-1959 ERCO 415-C Ercoupe OH-ERA Private 1 unspecified unk
31-DEC-1959 ERCO Ercoupe-415 N.... private 1 4 mi NW of Victoria, TX w/o
07-JAN-1960 ERCO Ercoupe 415-C N3035H Private 2 Crow Canyon, Castro Valley, CA w/o
19-JAN-1960 ERCO 415-E Ercoupe N94858 private 3 Little Whitney meadow, Inyo National forest, California w/o
08-MAY-1960 Ercoupe 415-C N99735 private 0 near Howard, NC sub
12-MAY-1960 ERCO 415C Ercoupe D-EMYN private Bonn-Hangelar (EDKB) (NRW) w/o
  -JUN-1960 ERCO 415CD Ercoupe D-ELIG private w/o
  -   -1960 Ercoupe 415CD CF-GBU Lloydminister Airport, Saskatchewan
  -   -1960 Ercoupe 415C CF-JAF Kenora, Ontario
  -   -1960 Ercoupe 415C CF-LPR on Lake Ontario near Port Union, Ontario
08-JAN-1961 Forney F-1A Aircoupe XB-HIN private 0 Mexico City w/o
30-SEP-1961 Ercoupe 415 N2.... private 0 Toledo National Airport, OH sub
  -   -1961 Ercoupe 415C CF-LGR near Port Bruce, Ontario ar 14:30 EST
  -   -1961 Ercoupe 415E CF-ISF Wansa Lake, British Columbia
  -   -1961 Ercoupe 415C CF-NMU Windsor Airport, Ontario
  -   -1961 Ercoupe 415C CF-IEU the Winnipeg International Airport, Manitoba
14-JAN-1962 Erco 415-C HB-ERG Les Eplatures Aéroport (LSGC) unk contains link to final investigation report
07-OCT-1962 Forney F-1A Aircoupe N.... private 1 Stinson Field, San Antonio, TX w/o
31-OCT-1962 ERCO 415-D Ercoupe PH-NBD NLS - Nationale Luchtvaartschool 0 Hilversum Airfield, Noord-Holland w/o
23-NOV-1962 Ercoupe 415-D N87411 private 2 16 mi NE of Fredericksburg, TX w/o
16-JUN-1963 Ercoupe 415-C N3770H private 2 Calaveras Reservoir, Santa Clara/Alameda Counties, CA w/o
03-JAN-1964 ERCO 415C Ercoupe N2468H Private 1 Famoso, California w/o
05-JAN-1964 ERCO 415C Ercoupe N2238H Private 0 Alexandria Virginia w/o
19-JAN-1964 ERCO 415-C Ercoupe N99359 Non commercial 0 Trumbull, Texas sub
25-JAN-1964 ERCO 415 Ercoupe N24054 Non commercial 0 Norman, Oklahoma sub
09-FEB-1964 ERCO 415-D Ercoupe N99158 Non commercial 0 Bristol, Pennsylvania sub
19-FEB-1964 ERCO 415C Ercoupe N3645H Commercial 0 Honolulu, Oahu, HI sub
27-FEB-1964 ERCO 415C Ercoupe N93511 Non commercial 0 Thermal, California sub
01-MAR-1964 ERCO 415C Ercoupe N93584 Non commercial 0 Johnnycake Airport, Harwington, Connecticut sub
17-MAR-1964 ERCO 415-C Ercoupe N3535H Private 0 Red Bay AL w/o
18-APR-1964 ERCO 415-CD Ercoupe N94755 Private 0 Friendly MD w/o
19-APR-1964 ERCO 415-C Ercoupe N87288 Private 0 East Moriches NY w/o
16-MAY-1964 ERCO 415-C Ercoupe N3062H 1 Westminister, CA w/o
31-MAY-1964 ERCO 415-D Ercoupe N2043H 0 Mukwonago WiSC w/o
03-JUN-1964 ERCO 415-C Ercoupe N37123 Private 0 Woodland IL w/o
03-JUN-1964 Forney F-1A Aircoupe G-ARHG Surrey & Kent Flying Club 0 Biggin Hill Airport, Biggin Hill, Bromley, Kent w/o
19-JUN-1964 Ercoupe C7512 N99897 Private 0 Florence CO w/o
26-JUN-1964 ERCO 415-G Ercoupe N94430 Private 0 Mccredie Spgs Ore w/o
12-JUL-1964 ERCO 415-C Ercoupe N3244H Private 0 Purcell, OK w/o
20-JUL-1964 ERCO 415-C Ercoupe N99041 Private 0 Bakersfield CA w/o
26-JUL-1964 ERCO 415-C Ercoupe N87002 Elmer Leon Davis 2 Stanardsville, VA w/o
26-JUL-1964 ERCO 415-C Ercoupe N93361 Private 0 Chicago IL w/o

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