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Sikorsky CH-53 Sea Stallion
    Sikorsky CH-53 Sea Stallion
 First flight: 1964
 2 Turboprop engines
166 occurrences in the ASN safety database; showing occurrence 1 - 100

acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg    
23-JUN-1967 Sikorsky CH-53A Sea Stallion 153305 / VJ United States Marine Corps (USMC) 20+2 N of Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, NC w/o
08-JAN-1968 Sikorsky CH-53A Sea Stallion 153710 / YH HMH-463 USMC 46 Hai Lang Forest, 18 miles S of Dong Ha, South Vietnam w/o
19-FEB-1968 Sikorsky CH-53A Sea Stallion 153278 United States Marine Corps (USMC) 13 Monkey Mountain, Quang Nam Province, South Vietnam w/o
22-FEB-1968 Sikorsky CH-53A Sea Stallion 153283 United States Marine Corps (USMC) 2 Khe Sanh, S.Vietnam w/o
01-MAY-1968 Sikorsky CH-53A Sea Stallion 153281 United States Marine Corps (USMC) 1 off Quang Tri Province, S.Vietnam w/o
16-MAY-1968 Sikorsky CH-53A Sea Stallion 154875 United States Marine Corps (USMC) 1 Santa Rosa Mts, CA w/o
28-JUL-1968 Sikorsky CH-53A Sea Stallion 153284 United States Marine Corps (USMC) 5 Da Nang, S of, S.Vietnam w/o
18-JAN-1969 Sikorsky HH-53B Super Jolly 66-14430 United States Air Force (USAF) 0 Tchepone, 9 miles SE, Laos w/o
01-SEP-1969 Sikorsky CH-53A Sea Stallion 153282 United States Marine Corps (USMC) 5 Thua Thien Province, S.Vietnam w/o
08-OCT-1969 Sikorsky HH-53C Super Jolly 67-14996 United States Air Force (USAF) 3 Gulf of Mexico w/o
28-JAN-1970 Sikorsky HH-53B Super Jolly 66-14434 40th ARRS USAF 6 Ha Tinh Province, Laos at N 18'02 w/o
30-JUN-1970 Sikorsky HH-53C Super Jolly 68-8283 United States Air Force (USAF) 5 Ban Tang, 1 mile S, Laos w/o
13-SEP-1970 Sikorsky CH-53D Sea Stallion 156661 United States Marine Corps (USMC) 0 Unknown, Vietnam w/o
26-OCT-1970 Sikorsky CH-53D Sea Stallion 156670 United States Marine Corps (USMC) 1 Da Nang, S of w/o
30-OCT-1970 Sikorsky CH-53D Sea Stallion 157133 United States Marine Corps (USMC) 2 Quang Nam Province, S.Vietnam w/o
18-FEB-1971 Sikorsky CH-53C Sea Stallion 68-10929 21 SOSqn USAF 0 Nakhon Phanom RTAFB w/o
18-FEB-1971 Sikorsky CH-53D Sea Stallion 156667 United States Marine Corps (USMC) 9 Hue, 5,5 miles NE, S.Vietnam w/o
01-MAR-1971 Sikorsky CH-53C Sea Stallion 68-10931 21 SOS USAF 6 Lima Site 20, at UTM grid coordinates: TG635243 w/o
08-JUL-1971 Sikorsky CH-53 Yas'ur (Sea Stallion) 133 Heyl Ha'Avir (Israeli Air Force) 10 off northern Sinai, near Yamit w/o
21-JUL-1971 Sikorsky HH-53C Super Jolly 68-8285 United States Air Force (USAF) 0 w/o
03-SEP-1971 Sikorsky CH-53 Yas'ur (Sea Stallion) 141 Heyl Ha'Avir (Israeli Air Force) 0 w/o
25-NOV-1971 Sikorsky HH-53C Super Jolly 68-10366 United States Air Force (USAF) 4 Da Nang AB, near w/o
30-NOV-1971 Sikorsky CH-53C Sea Stallion 68-10922 1551th CCTWg USAF Kirtland AFB, New Mexico w/o
27-MAR-1972 Sikorsky HH-53C Super Jolly 68-10359 United States Air Force (USAF) 5 Chan Tuy, 7 km NE, Cambodia w/o
06-APR-1972 Sikorsky HH-53C Super Jolly 68-10365 United States Air Force (USAF) 5 SE of Mieu Giang River/Cam Lo bridge, S.Vietnam w/o
11-JUL-1972 Sikorsky CH-53D Sea Stallion 156658 United States Marine Corps (USMC) 3 near Quang Tri City, S.Vietnam w/o
23-JUL-1972 Sikorsky CH-53C Sea Stallion United States Army Aviation 3 near Spies/Betzenstein w/o
18-AUG-1972 Sikorsky HH-53C Super Jolly 68-10361 United States Air Force (USAF) 0 Da Nang AB w/o
27-DEC-1972 Sikorsky HH-53C Super Jolly 69-5788 United States Air Force (USAF) 0 Unknown, Laos w/o
14-JUN-1973 Sikorsky HH-53C Super Jolly 68-10362 United States Air Force (USAF) 3 Tonle Sap, Cambodia w/o
11-OCT-1973 Sikorsky CH-53 Yas'ur (Sea Stallion) 131 Heyl Ha'Avir (Israeli Air Force) 5 Sinai w/o
24-OCT-1973 Sikorsky CH-53 Yas'ur (Sea Stallion) 949 Heyl Ha'Avir (Israeli Air Force) 14 w/o
19-APR-1974 Sikorsky CH-53 Yas'ur (Sea Stallion) 143 Heyl Ha'Avir (Israeli Air Force) 8 Mahanayim w/o
08-JAN-1975 Sikorsky CH-53D Sea Stallion 153296 United States Marine Corps (USMC) 5 Whaleyville, MD w/o
24-JAN-1975 Sikorsky CH-53C Sea Stallion 70-1628 21st SOS, USAF 4 Ban Nakhon, Thailand w/o
18-FEB-1975 Sikorsky CH-53A Sea Stallion 153722 United States Marine Corps (USMC) NAS Willow Grove w/o
18-FEB-1975 Sikorsky CH-53 Sea Stallion HMT-301 USMC 4 Santa Anna w/o
13-MAY-1975 Sikorsky CH-53C Sea Stallion 68-10933 United States Air Force (USAF) 23 Phannanikhom District, 35 miles W of Nakhon Phanom w/o
14-MAY-1975 Sikorsky CH-53C Sea Stallion 68-10926 United States Air Force (USAF) 13 Koh Tang Island w/o
15-MAY-1975 Sikorsky CH-53C Sea Stallion 68-10925 United States Air Force (USAF) 1 Koh Tang Island, Cambodia w/o
15-MAY-1975 Sikorsky CH-53C Sea Stallion 70-1627 United States Air Force (USAF) 0 Koh Tang Island, Cambodia w/o
26-SEP-1975 Sikorsky CH-53C Sea Stallion 70-1632 United States Air Force (USAF) 16 Hagen/Delbrück w/o
17-MAR-1976 Sikorsky CH-53C Sea Stallion 68-10927 United States Air Force (USAF) 4 Sembach Air Base w/o
26-JUL-1976 Sikorsky CH-53A Sea Stallion 153313 United States Marine Corps (USMC) 3 w/o
04-NOV-1976 Sikorsky CH-53D Sea Stallion 157743 United States Marine Corps (USMC) 4 ca 6 mi W of Naha, Okinawa w/o
10-MAR-1977 Sikorsky CH-53A Sea Stallion 153288 USMC 3 Camp Pendleton w/o
11-MAR-1977 Sikorsky CH-53D Sea Stallion 156956 USMC w/o
10-MAY-1977 Sikorsky CH-53 Yas'ur (Sea Stallion) 960 Heyl Ha'Avir (Israeli Air Force) 54 10 km W of Jordan River w/o
17-MAY-1977 Sikorsky CH-53 Yas'ur (Sea Stallion) 532 Heyl Ha'Avir (Israeli Air Force) 2 w/o
24-JUN-1977 Sikorsky HH-53C Super Jolly 68-10368 67th ARRS USAF 0 Woodbridge AB, Suffolk w/o
21-OCT-1977 Sikorsky CH-53D Sea Stallion 157139 United States Marine Corps (USMC) 24 Mindoro w/o
21-OCT-1977 Sikorsky CH-53D Sea Stallion 157139 USMC/HMH-462 24 Mindoro w/o
20-NOV-1977 Sikorsky CH-53 Yas'ur (Sea Stallion) 558 Heyl Ha'Avir (Israeli Air Force) 114 Sqn 4 Near Kibbuts Gat w/o
28-DEC-1977 Sikorsky CH-53A Sea Stallion 153716 USMC w/o
06-MAR-1978 Sikorsky CH-53D Sea Stallion 157161 USMC 1 w/o
20-MAR-1978 Sikorsky CH-53D Sea Stallion 157735 USMC 4 Carboneras w/o
02-AUG-1978 Sikorsky CH-53A Sea Stallion 153297 HMH 777 USMC 2 29 Palms MCB California w/o
06-OCT-1978 Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion 159876 United States Marine Corps (USMC) 0 Naval Outlying Field Webster, MD w/o
11-DEC-1978 Sikorsky/VFW-Fokker CH-53G 84+61 MTHR25 Heeresflieger 1 Laupheim w/o
22-MAR-1979 Sikorsky CH-53D Sea Stallion 156966 USMC 0 possible at camp roberts. Salinas Ca area unk
16-JUL-1979 Sikorsky CH-53 Yas'ur (Sea Stallion) 534 Heyl Ha'Avir (Israeli Air Force) 3 w/o
15-DEC-1979 CH-53 Sea Stallion 156966 HMT-204 0 Marine Corps Air Station New River, NC w/o
24-APR-1980 Sikorsky RH-53D Sea Stallion 158761 / GC HM-16 USMC 3+5 Posht-i-Badam w/o
19-MAY-1980 Sikorsky CH-53 Sea Stallion 156952 USMC w/o
26-NOV-1980 Sikorsky/VFW-Fokker CH-53G 84+81 HFR15 Heeresflieger 4 Geilenkausen w/o
  -   -1980 Sikorsky/VFW-Fokker CH-53G 84+21 HFWS Heeresflieger 0 sub
19-JUL-1981 Sikorsky CH-53A Sea Stallion 153719 USMC 4 At sea w/o
17-SEP-1981 Sikorsky CH-53D Sea Stallion 157731 USMC 5 off Sardinia w/o
23-SEP-1981 Sikorsky HH-53B Super Jolly 66-14435 United States Air Force (USAF) 4 Grants, NM w/o
14-SEP-1982 Sikorsky CH-53A Sea Stallion 153312 HMH-777 USMC 5 off Oksböl w/o
27-MAR-1983 Sikorsky CH-53D Sea Stallion 157152 United States Marine Corps (USMC) Yuma MCAS, 12 mi E, AZ w/o
27-APR-1983 CH-53D Sikorsky Super Stallion USMC 1 Virginia Beach, Virginia w/o
24-MAR-1984 Sikorsky CH-53D Sea Stallion 157132 USMC 29 near Hunghae w/o
14-APR-1984 Sikorsky CH-53A Sea Stallion 154869 United States Marine Corps (USMC) 1 Indian Springs, NV w/o
01-JUN-1984 Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion 162000 United States Marine Corps (USMC) 4 11 mi S of San Clemente Island, CA w/o
27-AUG-1984 Sikorsky CH-53 Yas'ur (Sea Stallion) 964 Heyl Ha'Avir (Israeli Air Force) 1 near Maale Adumin w/o
19-NOV-1984 Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion 161253 USMC / HMH-464 6 Camp Lejeune, N.C. w/o
15-JAN-1985 Sikorsky HH-53C Super Jolly 68-10355 6594th Test Gp USAF 7 540 NM N of Honolulu, Oahu, HI w/o
07-FEB-1985 Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion 161999 United States Marine Corps (USMC) Unknown w/o
06-MAY-1985 Sikorsky CH-53D Sea Stallion 157138 United States Marine Corps (USMC) 17 15 NM off Yakushima Island w/o
06-JUN-1985 Sikorsky CH-53 Yas'ur (Sea Stallion) 247 Heyl Ha'Avir (Israeli Air Force) 1 Golan Heights w/o
12-JUL-1985 Sikorsky CH-53D Sea Stallion 156970 United States Marine Corps (USMC) 4 Okinawa w/o
09-MAY-1986 Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion 161264 USMC 4 Twenty Nine Palms, CA w/o
08-JAN-1987 Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion 162008 USMC w/o
22-JAN-1987 Sikorsky CH-53D Sea Stallion 157154 USMC w/o
25-OCT-1987 Sikorsky/VFW-Fokker CH-53G 84+23 HFR35 Heeresflieger 0 15 km NE of Bamberg sub
25-JUN-1988 Sikorsky CH-53D Sea Stallion 157163 United States Marine Corps (USMC) 7 Shikoku w/o
28-DEC-1988 Sikorsky CH-53 Yas'ur (Sea Stallion) 545 Heyl Ha'Avir (Israeli Air Force) 1 Mount Sagi 996 w/o
20-MAR-1989 Sikorsky CH-53D Sea Stallion 157140 USMC 19 10 nm W of Pohang w/o
22-APR-1990 Sikorsky CH-53 Yas'ur (Sea Stallion) 967 Heyl Ha'Avir (Israeli Air Force) 4+3 near Maale Ephraim w/o
22-APR-1990 Sikorsky CH-53 Yas'ur (Sea Stallion) 355 Heyl Ha'Avir (Israeli Air Force) 3+4 near Maale Ephraim w/o
13-SEP-1990 Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion 161390 USMC 0 Dhahran-King Abdul Aziz Naval Base w/o
05-JAN-1992 Sikorsky CH-53 Yas'ur (Sea Stallion) 350 Heyl Ha'Avir (Israeli Air Force) 0 w/o
08-FEB-1992 Sikorsky CH-53E Super Sea Stallion 162490 USMC 4 Cecil N.A.S. Florida w/o
19-JUN-1992 Sikorsky RH-53D Sea Stallion 158687 United States Navy (USN) 7 Lynnhaven Bay, VA w/o
04-NOV-1992 Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion 163064 HMM(REIN)-261 / 22nd MEU USMC 5 Sea 37 miles E of the Canary Islands w/o
13-FEB-1993 Sikorsky CH-53D Sea Stallion 156965 USMC 0 Beli Dogle w/o
11-JUL-1994 Sikorsky MH-53E Sea Dragon N62505 Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation (for US Navy) 1 Kiptopeka, VA sub
06-JUN-1995 Sikorsky MH-53J Sea Stallion 68-10932 United States Air Force (USAF) 0 near Osan AB w/o
31-MAR-1996 Sikorsky CH-53 Yas'ur 2000 066 Heyl Ha'Avir (Israeli Air Force) 7 Judean desert w/o

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